Blow Job Techniques

By Allan Sharpe
Copyright 2008, Blowjob Tutorial

When it comes to blow job techniques the first thing that I would like to mention is attitude. Your attitude is extremely important and if you're not into it, your man can tell. You need to have a positive attitude or just don't bother.

Blow job techniques fall into three main categories and these are:

Mouth Only:
Using mouth only is normally a great way to start if the penis is not fully erect. What you need to do is put it in your mouth and start sucking and licking. Don't move your head up and down just yet, wait until he starts getting erect.

Another great blow job technique when using only your mouth is to repeatedly suck in the not yet erect penis and follow this with a good swallow that will allow his entire penis to enter your mouth. This feels great, and is also a great way of showing that positive attitude we spoke about earlier.

Mouth and Tongue:
Using your mouth and tongue provides some great blow job techniques so brace yourself. Once you partner is fully erect you can start using your tongue as well. Start by licking the whole tip of his penis and then use your tongue to lick up and down both sides of his penis. Not only will this feel great for him put it will also help to lubricate his penis so it slides inside your mouth easier.

A note of caution to all, make sure your cover your teeth with your lips as they can cause some nasty accidents in the heat of the moment.
When using your tongue to tease and play with your partner, don't forget those extra sensitive bits such as the tip of the head and the underneath of the ridge of the head too. Just licking these sensitive spots will put him into overdrive.

Next you should start to move your mouth down the shaft as far as you can go, be careful you don't gag and remember to breath. Relaxing your jaws as much as possible can also help here. When you are moving your head back up be sure to go the whole way right over the tip of the penis and back. Many women make the mistake of just coming half way up before going back down again and this can take away from the perfect blow job. Remember, the tip of the penis is extra sensitive.

Keep moving your tongue all the time, that's what it's there for.
You probably won't do much sucking at this stage, but you can suck on the head every time you come up.

Mouth and Hands:
Hands can make the different between an ok blow job and an amazing blow job. You can use your hands to add variety to your blow job techniques or to play with other parts of your partners body.

A good trick for keeping your partner erect and keeping his foreskin out of the way is to keep one hand firmly at the base of his penis with the thumb and forefinger circling his shaft. You can use the other hand in the same manner but this hand is kept against your lips. This allows you to follow the movement of your mouth up and down and is known to provide extra pleasure. The blow job technique is called the Seal and the Ring.

You can also use your hands to play with his balls, ass, whatever, just make sure to use them.

Adding All These Blowjob Techniques Together: 
Now that you know what the basic blow job techniques are it is now time to put them all together and give your partner a really good blow job. Make sure that you start with the right attitude and you are sure to be on the road to success.

Before I finish there is one other little thing that I would like to mention and that is the whole spit or swallow scenario. It is obvious that your partner will ejaculate so make sure you discuss beforehand whether or not you want him to ejaculate in your mouth. It really won't make any difference once you have discussed it beforehand.

The last thing you want to have happen is that your partner is really enjoying an amazing blow job when all of a sudden you leap up off the bed just as he is about to cum. It's not a very nice message to be giving out, is it?
Finally one other blow job technique that will really help and that is relax and have fun.

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