Fellatio Techniques

By Allan Sharpe
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Before we begin to discuss fellatio techniques, it is probably important to point out that there really is no right or wrong way to perform fellatio. Every person is unique and what one man enjoys another may not. Every person is different and satisfaction is a matter of personal taste.
That being said, I must point out that if you feel that you are mature enough to receive fellatio, you must also be mature enough to be able to talk openly about it and be able to say exactly what you do and don't like. This is the only way that your partner will truly master the art of giving fellatio.

Learning The Basics

Fellatio is an essential part of sexual enjoyment for all men and in order to make sure that you are satisfied every time we have devised some basic fellatio techniques for your partner to practice and for you to enjoy. Remember sex is fun and should be enjoyed.

The most important thing when it comes to fellatio is to relax and enjoy the experience. Remember you should be receiving amazing pleasure during fellatio and will no doubt be willing to return the favor.

Fellatio is very easy to perform, so why is it then that people worry so much about getting it right. All it really is, is you enjoying having your penis inside your partner's mouth and have them kiss and caress it. What happens after this is really up to you.

Before you begin any of our fellatio techniques, you should ensure that your partner is in a comfortable position, lying on their back or side is probably best unless you prefer to be fully in control and if so then have your partner lie on their back.

Now that we have the preliminaries out of the way, letís move on to fellatio techniques.
Fellatio is a chance for your partner to explore your penis in great detail with her mouth. They should learn how it feels inside their mouth, feel it with their tongue, know its thickness, hot spots, and what really gets you going. By following some of the fellatio techniques outlined below you can show your partner how to take you to new heights of ecstasy, and let's face it ecstasy is what we all want from our sex lives isn't it?

As they slide their lips over the head of your penis and down the shaft you should ensure that they are careful of their teeth, not to bite or catch your penis in the height of ecstasy, this can cause damage and leave you in a great deal of pain afterwards.

Moving their mouth down father, they will probably being to notice a stretching sensation in their jaws. You should also be aware, that if the penis gets to close to the back of their throat that they may begin to gag.

The penis should slide in and out of your partner's mouth, slowly at first before speeding up. Whilst doing this you may also want to your partner to play with your testicles, gently I may add, as these can be extremely sensitive.

There are a lot of different things that your partner can do during fellatio and these include licking it all over, sucking on it, and flicking their tongue back and forth over the head of the penis, but the most sensual of all actions is to just move their mouth up and down on your penis.

They should make a ring shape with their lips around the shaft of your penis, some flavored lubricant or saliva can be used to avoid irritation and this will also add to your pleasure. They can slide their mouth up and down as fast as they like taking your penis in as far as they can. Sucking gently too at this stage can have amazing results. As they continue they should slide faster and allow the penis to go deeper into their mouth.

If you want your partner to bring you to orgasm during fellatio then using the sliding motion described in these fellatio techniques really is a nice way and the faster they slide and the deeper they go, the more intense his orgasm will be.

If you find that gagging is a problem, you can suggest that they wrap one hand around the lower end of the penis and just move their mouth up and down on the top part. You can of course suggest that they move their hand up and down too.

These are the basic fellatio techniques that are needed to perform fellatio, and once again I must emphasize that these actions will take time to learn, but practice will make perfect and I know you'll enjoy the practice sessions, won't you?

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