How To Give A Great Blow Job

By Allan Sharpe
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For men, having their penis sucked has to be one of the greatest pleasures in life and it is such a shame that the majority of women just donít appreciate how much fun it can be. Many donít even know how to give a great blow job. They just assume that all they have to do is put the penis in their mouths and suck until their partner comes. Sad isnít it when there is so much more.

The good new is that it is easy to learn how to give a great blow job. With that said, letís get straight to it. For the purpose of this article we are going to assume that you and your partner are lying on the couch and I am going to guide you step by step on how to give a great blow job.

When you are ready to begin slip off the couch onto the floor between his legs, open his trousers and start to touch his penis. It will most likely already be hard so just lean in and take it in your hands. Look up at your partner at this stage to see what reaction you are getting from him and so that he knows from the look on your face that you are getting pleasure from what you are doing. Lick your lips whilst still looking at him and then open your mouth ever so slightly and let your lips brush off his penis.

Gently lick the head of his penis with your tongue teasing him but letting him know exactly what is coming next.

When talking about how to give a great blow job, many women worry about excess saliva so to put your minds at ease it has to be said that the wetter your mouth and tongue the better. Saliva acts like a lubricant and adds to the stimulation.

With your tongue nice and wet start at his testicles licking slowly up his shaft to the head of his penis. You can twist and turn your head whilst doing this to make sure that you lick every inch of his penis. Use your hands, let them massage his testicles and use them to rub your saliva into his penis. After you have repeated this a couple of times your partner will be begging you for some serious action.

The next time you bring your tongue up his penis donít stop, lick the head of his penis sticking your tongue into the hole in the centre. Run your tongue around the rim of his head flicking your tongue back and forwards. This is where most men are extremely sensitive. With your tongue still teasing squeeze the shaft of his penis.

Clear liquid may start to leak from the tip of his penis; this is your cue to take his penis inside your mouth. Listen to the sounds your partner makes as this will help you to determine exactly what he likes. Take as much of his penis inside your mouth as you can and being moving your head up and down sliding all the way back up to the tip and flicking your tongue against it. Keep sliding your mouth up and down quickening the pace as you go.

You can also try sucking on his penis but watch his reactions so you know exactly what way he likes it. Most men really love it when you suck on the head of their penis.

Continue doing exactly what you are doing and playing with his testicles at the same time. Squeeze the base of his penis with one hand and keep sucking, sliding, and using your tongue until you know he is going to explode. What you do next is entirely up to you, you can watch your partner cum, you can swallow, or you can take it in your mouth and then spit it discretely into a towel. It doesnít matter once youíve discussed it beforehand.

Now that you know the basics of how to give a great blow job you are in for some great times and believe me if you follow all these instructions you will have your partner begging for more. 

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