How To Give Blow Jobs

By Allan Sharpe
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Itís no secret that many women out there donít know how to give blow jobs. You see going down on a man is an art in itself and for those ladies out there that donít know how to give blow jobs keep reading.

What you need to know when it comes to giving great blow jobs is donít prejudge, have an open mind, and of course an open mouth.

With that said, letís get started. Men love blow jobs, itís a known fact, what they donít love is always having to ask for one. They wish that you would go down on your own accord. Giving a blow job should be something you want and enjoy doing.

How to give blow jobs and great blowjobs at that is all about seduction and romance. Try letting him know what you have planned for him, maybe a quick call before he arrives home, just tell him youíll be waiting for him in the bedroom. That is sure to get his juices flowing. When he does arrive home donít spoil it by asking how his day was or by moaning about your own no matter how stressful it may have been.

Remember youíre looking for seduction and romance here not household bills and idle chat.
How to give blow jobs will always involve getting comfortable, you could be here for a while. Start by teasing him and touching him with your hands, lips, and tongue. Donít spend too long though; men donít need as much teasing as you women do.

Getting right down to it I have to say that there are many different techniques on how to give blow jobs and believe me you can use them all. You can use your hands too but donít overdo it; the main thing men want to see you do is sucking their penis and enjoying doing it too. Whatever you do donít yawn in the middle or start thinking in your head I wish he would hurry up, we can tell.

When women ask how to give blow jobs the one thing all men want to say but donít is that they want to look at your sucking hard on their penis, they want you to look like youíre really enjoying it. Use your saliva to help things along, itís a great lubricant.

There are also a few things that you should never do. Never use your teeth or bite, never suck his testicles too hard, never use your fingernails, and never talk unless itís dirty talk during a blow job. Be careful about taking a penis too far inside your mouth, choking can be a turn off to some men.

For that perfect blow job keep your mouth wet and use your saliva. Men love the sound and the sensation. Play with his testicles and use your hands. Listen to him, you will get to recognize what certain noises and moans mean so you wonít have to ask him if he is enjoying what you are doing.

Practice will of course make perfect as will communication and there are a number of things that you will need to discuss before the big event.

The most damaging thing when giving a blow job is not having discussed what will happen when he ejaculates. This needs to be determined beforehand. Some women automatically assume that if they donít swallow a manís cum that they are not doing things right. This is wrong and believe it or not whilst most men will love you to swallow their cum, they really donít mind if you donít as long as you tell them beforehand.

The last thing they want or need is for you to stop what you are doing just before the inevitable; this really ruins the moment.

Another thing to discuss beforehand is whether or not you want your partner to wear a condom. Condoms should be used with new sexual partners always as they do protect from HIV and STDís.

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