How To Give Head

By Allan Sharpe
Copyright 2008, Blowjob Tutorial

Learning how to give head is something you pick up much quicker from actually getting down there and doing it. Yes, you need the right information, but after that it's up to you to actually apply it. Nobody is born knowing how to give head.

That being said, let's start you off on the right foot and explain some of the basics of how to give good head...

If you have little experience, the first thing you need to know is this: Enjoy It! If you hate touching your man's penis or don't want to give head, trust me, it shows. So the first step is just to like it. And if you don't, then "fake it 'til you make it"; in other words, pretend you do.
As a man, there isn't a bigger turn on than when our lover looks like she's having the time of her life on our manhood. Even if you have no idea what you're doing, but you look like you're enjoying yourself, chances are your man is also enjoying himself!

I also find that a lot of women with little experience are nervous about giving head to their man because they're concerned about doing it wrong. I hear that all the time from clients of mine. "I don't know how to give head, and I don't want to hurt him or mess up".

Well if that sounds like you then fear not; just the fact that you're trying your man will probably really appreciate. And if you are enjoying it, all the better!

The point is, you don't get experience by reading articles and books. Yes, this information can really help. But ultimately you still need to apply it. So, plop your fella down, grab his cock and start practicing!

How NOT to give head

Alright, once you start practicing on your dude, you'll want to make sure that you're not making either of these very common mistakes when learning how to give head. Chances are your man will love the head you give him if you DON'T do this...

Using Teeth. This is the number one mistake women make when learning how to give head. Please make sure you do not let your teeth hit his penis. I can't stress this enough. You can ask any guys; there is nothing worse than getting a head job with teeth hitting his cock.
In fact, most guys won't admit it, but their idea of a perfect blowjob would be getting sucked off by a gorgeous woman with removable dentures. Teeth can nick and scrape the sensitive skin of the penis.

Open your mouth wide enough that they stay away from his cock, or suck your lips in over them to cushion the rough edges. If he's wearing a condom when you give him head this may provide a slight buffer, but don't count on it.

Starting too fast. This is also far too common in my experience. Yes you often need to get going fast with your hand and mouth to make your man cum. BUT, not right away! You need to ease into it when you give head.

Just like you wouldn't want to have your man try to stick himself inside of you without any foreplay during sex, your man doesn't want you to start into his blowjob really fast. It actually feels much, much better when you tease gently and softly (even start by rubbing him over his pants before you begin giving him head).

So start slowly and lightly and then work into firmer and faster, firmer and faster. It's the dynamic in the difference between fast and slow, soft and hard, that makes him cum when you give him head. Also make sure you also pay attention to his reaction to what you're doing so that you can gauge how fast or slow to go.

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