How To Give Oral Sex

By Allan Sharpe
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There are a large number of women who really donít know how to give oral sex. Many think that by putting their partnerís penis in their mouths and then bobbing up and down until he comes makes them an expert. Sorry to disappoint but this really isnít true. Most men will agree that there is nothing more satisfying that great oral sex me included, but when it comes to bad oral sex there is no quicker way to turn us off.

In order to combat this and master the art of oral sex here is the real guide on how to give oral sex that will blow your partners mind.

When it comes to how to give oral sex the first thing that every woman must remember is that all men are different. What feels good for one man may not have the same effect on another. It really is trial and error and the way to avoid this is through communication. Ask your partner what they would like you to do.

It may seem a little daunting but believe me men like nothing more than to be asked what they would like you to do. Itís a real turn on and it saves some embarrassment too.

Knowing how to give oral sex comes with practice. It should be something that you want to and enjoy doing otherwise whatís the point. A man can tell if youíre not enjoying yourself and if youíre only doing it to please them. Again this is a real turn off.

Your attitude to oral sex is most important and it is also one of the main ingredients when it comes to giving a great blowjob. If you think that a blowjob is a chore then it really will seem like one and blowing your partners mind definitely wonít be an issue. You need to have a positive attitude otherwise there really is no point in giving a blowjob at all. Men need to feel that they are desired and that you want them so donít be afraid to show this especially when you are performing oral sex.

There are a number of questions that can arise when wondering how to give oral sex. One of the most common is should I swallow? This really is down to the woman and believe it or not most men really donít mind if you donít swallow just as long as you let them know beforehand. There is nothing worse than coming in someoneís mouth for them to jump back and start spitting ferociously, itís insulting.

The next question on how to give oral sex usually refers to deep throating. Deep throating is a technique in itself and one that most women find difficult. If you can deep throat and it doesnít make you uncomfortable then by all means use it during the coarse of your blowjob men enjoy the warm wet feeling inside your mouth. If you find that it just makes you gag then donít worry if you are using your hands, tongue, and lips then you are more than liking giving him an amazing blowjob anyway.

Remember when it comes to how to give oral sex you should not just move your mouth up and down, you should include licking, kissing, rubbing, and use your hands too. Your hands can really help to make the difference between an ok blowjob and an amazing blowjob. You can play with your partnerís balls or give him a hand job at the same time. Just relax and enjoy what you are doing and you are sure to master the art of giving a blow job in no time at all.

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