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"What If You Could Peek Inside The Minds Of
Men And Learn Exactly What They Want To Give Them The Most Powerful, Earth-Shattering Blowjobs They’ve Ever Experienced?

An open letter (from a man) to any woman who truly wants to know how to drive her man WILD with pleasure, have him eating out of the palm of her hand, and keep him from ever setting eyes on another woman again...

By Allan Sharpe

Dear Friend,

If you’re like most women, you’ve arrived at my website to learn how to give a mind-blowing blow job to your man for one of the following reasons:

  • You want to be the best lover he has ever had and make him scream and moan with pleasure so he comes back begging for more!

  • You want to spice up your sex life with hot new techniques and ideas that will keep your lover interested and extremely aroused!

  • You’ve never given a blow job before and you’re scared to death of looking like you don’t know what you’re doing!

  • You want to keep your man interested so he’s not thinking of other women – or worse yet, leaving you altogether for a more experienced woman!

  • You want to improve your relationship and bring you and him closer together.

If any of the statements above describes you then you need to read every single word on this page.  Because in a moment I’m going to reveal to you the secrets to giving an unbelievable blow job that 95% of women don’t know and will NEVER know! But first I’d like to quickly tell you who I am and why you should listen to me…

First of all, I’m a man.  I’ve had my fair share of blow jobs and I’ve experienced everything from painful ones (with scratching and biting – ouch!) to oral sex so hot and satisfying that my body was literally shuddering with pleasure!

And because I’m a man I know EXACTLY what I want and like.  I know exactly what turns me on when getting a blow job and I know exactly what turns me off.  I, like all men, know exactly where I want to be touched and HOW…

Never let another woman give you advice on
how to give a blow job!

Tip #1: Here’s my first bit of advice for you.  Never listen to another woman when it comes to learning how to give head.  If you’re listening to your girlfriends, or even your mom about how to give a blow job you’re making a HUGE mistake!

If you don’t have a penis, how can you really know what it feels like for him? The truth is, you don't know what feels good and what doesn’t – it’s as simple as that! As a man, I can give you all the juicy little secrets that your man wishes (actually, fantasizes!) that you knew about how to give him a great blow job…  truly shocking information that you as a woman have no way of knowing!

And that’s exactly why I created this website.

You see, I’m sick of dating women who just plain, “suck” (pardon the pun) and I don’t have the heart to tell them how bad they are (most men won’t tell you what they really think because they love you and don’t want to hurt your feelings!)

In fact I’ve only ever gotten off a handful of times when being given a blow job.  And trust me, I’m a very average guy when it comes to this stuff.  Most other men are the same or share similar experiences.

I decided that it was about time somebody did something about this.  So I wrote down - in detail - everything men want their women to know about how to give them an incredible blow job, but would never tell them.

But I wouldn’t ask you to take my word on it alone.  After all, you don't know me from a hole in the ground... That’s why I then went out and interviewed 10 average men from all walks of life asking them all the very same questions about what turns them on most when getting a blow job. The result? 

As I suspected, almost every man has certain “pleasure points” in common… Hot buttons that, when pressed, quickly send waves of pleasure shuddering through is body.

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I then compiled all this knowledge, tips and techniques these men gave me into an easy to follow system I call, “Blow Job Tutorial”...  so finally this valuable information can be made available to the women (and gay men, of course) of the world. Now anyone can learn how to give a blow job! Here is just a taste of what you’ll learn in the Blow Job Tutorial:

  • Exactly where your man’s pleasure points are on his penis. Even an amateur blow job, licking the right spots will send him into orbit with pleasure!  

  • How to know with 100% certainty if he’s enjoying what you’re doing to him – even if he’s usually very quiet. Learn the tell-tale signs that indicate whether or not he’s enjoying the oral sex you’re giving him.  

  • How to give a blow job and look like you’re very experienced even if you’ve never SEEN a penis in your life! You can learn to look totally confident to him, even though you’re scared to death on the inside.  

  • Countless blowjob tips, tricks and techniques you can use to keep things live and fresh when giving him head. You’ll never see a bored look on his face again – guaranteed!  

  • How to be in complete control of when your man ejaculates.  Do you want extend his pleasure, or make him cum right away?  I can show you exactly what buttons you need to push to keep your man on edge as long as you want!

  • What your man really wants you to do to finish him off during a blow job (it’s not what you think – and you’ll be happy to hear it!)  

  • The RIGHT way to take control of the situation and initiate the blow job yourself, so he doesn’t have to feel like he’s forcing you into it… and you can do it without feeling awkward.  

  • What to do with his balls when going down on your man.  I’ll give you a hint – massage them. But if you don’t do it right, or at the wrong time you’ll end up doing more harm than good!  

  • How to grip his cock when you have your mouth on his manhood. Giving a good handjob along with a BJ is vital if you want to be able to pleasure your man as well as possible.  

  • The single, most pleasurable thing you can do to your man during oral sex and how to give a blow job using this incredible technique!  

  • How fast you should move your hands, mouth and tongue.  Most women get this one wrong and wonder why they aren’t getting their men off.  

  • Tongue-moving techniques that will absolutely drive him wild. Learning how to give a blow job is easy if you practice these tactics even a little bit!  

  • Where his “hot spots” are on his body and how to touch, lick and fondle them to drive him crazy with pleasure!  

  • The RIGHT way to give a hand  job. If you get this one wrong, you'll end up turning him off instead of getting him off!  

  • How to prolong and extend his pleasure as long as possible. Learn this fun little trick and he'll think he died and went to heaven!  

  • What men really want from women (but will never come out and tell them)!  

  • Amazing techniques that instantly gets your guy rock hard! (I love it when women use this one on me, and so will your man!)
…and that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

By now you’re probably thinking, “That’s great Allan that you guys can tell me what feels good for a man – but what about how it feels for me!?  You’re not a woman - you don’t know!” And if you were to say that to me, I’d say “you’re absolutely right!”.  Because I’ve never put a penis in my mouth (nor do I intend on doing so) I don’t know what it feels like for a woman to give a blow job.

So to solve that problem I did what any man would do in this situation: I interviewed a female Porn Star!

Here's what a female pornstar can teach you about how to give an amazing blow job...

Remember when I cautioned you against listening to another woman when it comes to learning how to give a blow job?  Well that's true...unless the woman is a Porn Star! These women get paid to do exactly that all day long, so naturally they have some experience on the topic. And it truly surprised the heck out of me when this one revealed the secrets my best lovers had been doing all along without me even knowing!

In our interview she told me every last shocking little secret that EVERY woman should know before putting a penis into their mouth.  As I frantically tried to record everything she was saying, she revealed:

  • How to actually enjoy the taste of your man's seamen!  

  • How to always be 100% in control of when he’s going to cum. Want him to last longer?  Want to hurry it up?  It’s your choice once you know these little tricks when giving him head.

  • How to avoid pain in your jaw and mouth when giving him a blow job.  

  • How to control your gag reflex and keep from gagging when putting his penis deep in your mouth. Learn how to give a blow job - and enjoy it - without the usual discomfort!  

  • How to give him multiple orgasms. I bet you didn’t even think it was possible, but if you know how you can get him coming more than once at a time!  

  • Want to know the basics of how to give a blow job? Then you'll need to know when to spit and when to swallow…and when to do NEITHER of these.  

  • How to put a condom on his dick using only your mouth – this will have him thinking you’re his own personal sex Goddess.  

  • Blowjob tips that will make absolutely sure you don’t scratch his penis with your nails or teeth when giving head to your man.  

  • How to avoid gagging on his penis.  Learn how to control your gag reflex and stop gagging when giving your man a blow job.  

  • How to enjoy the taste of cum in your mouth. Believe it or not, it's actually possible to LIKE the stuff. I know - I was as surprised as you are when I first heard this tip.  

  • How to swallow his cum properly.  If you get this one wrong you risk choking, and gagging - not fun!  

  • How to keep your eyes from tearing when giving him a blow job!  

  • The single most critical thing you must NOT do while learning how to give a good blow job. Get this one wrong and you may not get another chance!  

  • Exactly how to grip his penis with your hands (when to be gentle and when to be firm) to make him cum RIGHT when you want him to!  

  • How YOU can learn to enjoy the experience of giving a blow job, even if you can't stand it right now -- while giving him the most explosive orgasms of his life!
  • Why the length of a man's penis has nothing to do with your blow job and why you can handle any length.  

  • The single most sneaky technique to give him Deep Throat blow jobs without actually doing it.

  • The truth about spitting or swallowing that no one else discusses - anywhere.  

  • The most important thing you must do each and every time you give a blow job.  

  • Tips and techniques for how to give an AMAZING blow job with a tongue ring.  You have the ring – make use of it!  

  • The anatomy of a man's penis so you want be surprised if you haven't gone down south on a guy before! Before you learn how to give a blow job you need to know what's down there. I teach you everything, right from the start.  

  • The truth about whether you should hold your breath while he’s about to cum or not (this one may surprise you!)  

  • How to love your man's cock! If you don't absolutely love going down on your man, he'll know it.  Guys can see right through it if you don't enjoy the task at hand!

...and MUCH more!

Whew!  That’s a lot of information.  But the great part is, all of this is broken down into extremely easy to follow step-by-step instructions, including pictures, diagrams and video lessons that leave no room for error when trying to learn how to give a great Blow job.

BJ Tutorial is like following roadmap to giving him the best blow job of his life! Well I have to hand it to you – if you’ve read this far it’s because you’re serious about wanting to give your man incredible fellatio. So I bet you’ll be happy to know that you’ll also learn the following:

  • How to give a blow job if you have braces. (Learning how to give a blow job is one thing - learning how to give a blow job with braces is another altogether! But I clear up all the misery for you.)  

  • How to give head to an uncircumcised penis.  

  • How to actually make your man’s cum taste good.  

  • Hundreds of blowjob tips and techniques that will walk you through how to give your man the best blow jobs of his life – step-by-step.  

  • How to gently find your man’s infamous G-Spot pleasure center (his prostate gland) and touch it in just the right way to give him mind-blowing orgasms unlike anything else he’s ever had!

  • How to give head to a man with a curved penis.  Believe it or not, it can actually be much easier if your man isn't as straight as an arrow!

  • Blowjob techniques to suck a condom-covered cock. You'll make him love every minute of being "safe" with you!

  • The single most critical thing you must do to your man to guarantee you have GREAT (not merely good) sex.  

  • A secret new technique (unknown even to men who rate themselves as "masterful lovers" that is guaranteed to get them "in the mood" faster than anything else you could ever do.  

  • Six simple tricks to quickly increase his sexual arousal - the surest path to awakening his sleeping sexual passion and turn it into a burning flame.  

  • Special blowjob techniques that increases the strength of his orgasms… plus his lovemaking stamina… allowing you to supercharge your love life in a very short time!  

  • The two most important secrets (one physical, one mental) to give earth shattering blow jobs at any age! Not taught anywhere, just crucial secrets to improving your sex life forever…

  • An over the counter product you can purchase in a supermarket that - one time or another - WILL save your sex life. You'll love this product when learning how to give a blow job!  

  • The one word to whisper to men to get them to perform like a world class lover! The stunning key to advanced foreplay men are begging their women learn!  

  • What to do if you've never given a blow job your life or you've never seen a penis up close. YES, you can learn how to give head even if you currently have ZERO experience. Just follow my advice...  

  • Oral sex secrets that will send your sex life soaring! (including have him last longer, enjoying it more… and having him worship your every step.  

  • The two "peak excitation" secrets (both simple, but still unknown by most men) of having longer lasting orgasms.  

  • Women's biggest complaint about giving oral sex - and it's what men are not doing that can make you feel less than enthusiastic. (and it's easy to fix).  

  • How to get your man so worked up that just a touch of your finger will set him off into wild, gushing orgasms at will!

Here's what you'll get in the Blowjob Tutorial...

Okay, here is exactly what you'll get in the BJ Tutorial downloadable course:

  • A step-by-step blow job handbook that will explain exactly what you should do and how you should do it. This is an eBook (downloadable instantly online).  

  • A quick-start blow job survival guide to quickly refresh your memory before seeing your man so you don’t have to re-read everything! This at-a-glance information is priceless and a breeze to understand.  

  • Hundreds of very easy-to-follow pictures and diagrams that eliminate all doubt about what you should be doing while sucking his dick. This isn't available anywhere else, for ANY price! If you aren't 100% confident with giving a BJ, you NEED these pictures.  

  • An extremely informative 6-part video tutorial walking you through the steps in the ebook that you can watch from the privacy of your own computer anytime you like.  This is NOT porn, and it is NOT available anywhere else - online or not

blow job videos

"BJ Tutorial Videos"

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Secure : Discreet : Guaranteed : Instant

And you’ll be able to download all of this online in the next five minutes and absorb it from the privacy and comfort of your own home. You can open the eBook, watch the videos and look at the pictures all from your own computer, confident in knowing that NOBODY else knows about what you're looking at - no conspicuous packages arriving in the mail!

How much will it cost to learn how to give my man the most amazing blow job of his life?

By now I’m sure you’re wondering how much this is all going to cost.  And in a moment I’ll tell you.  But first I want you to consider what it will cost if you DON’T learn how to give amazing blow jobs...

Think about how much time you've spent with your man and all the great moments you've had together, and how he makes you feel (the good times!) Well how much is it worth to you to keep all that from slipping away because you couldn't keep him satisfied and give him the kind of blow job orgasms he REALLY wants?

And, more to the point, how much is it worth to you to know that almost immediately after downloading this course you'll look like a sex Goddess in his eyes and have your relationship instantly soar to new heights!?

How much is it worth to spice up your sex life like never before and be the best lover he's ever had? have him begging you for more? Most women would say, "a lot".  Well, in comparison you'll be paying very little for this priceless knowledge.  How much?

Just $27.

Yep, that's all. Over the course of a single year this breaks down to only 10 cents per day. Is it worth 10 cents per day to learn how to give a mind-blowing, earth shattering blow job – a skill that will last a lifetime - and have him wrapped around your little finger forever? Of course it is!

And just in case you're still on the fence about downloading BlowJob Tutorial, I'm going to throw in some extremely valuable bonuses for FREE to help sway your decision. :-) If you order today you'll also receive every one of the products listed below - for Free!

I'll throw in these valuable bonuses for FREE
just to sweeten the deal...

BONUS #1:  The Ultimate Guide to Sex Positions (A $37 value, yours FREE!)

  • Learn hundreds of different sex positions and when you should use each one.

  • Discover over 10 different positions you can have sex with your man in a car! Some of these you never would have thought of.

  • Learn to read the signals your man or woman gives off when they are ready to switch positions.

  • Tips and techniques for switching between positions easily and smoothly...without even skipping a beat!

BONUS #2:  The Female Masturbation Guide (A $49 value, yours FREE!)

  • The ultimate secrets of successfully coming to orgasm - finally revealed and supported by 20 years of scientific research!

  • A step-by-step "fingertip guide" to the most sizzling "hot spots" on your body.

  • Immediately increase the frequency and pleasure of your orgasms with the ingenious "Shower Cure" created by sex therapists!

  • How ANY woman can learn to achieve multiple, explosive orgasms even if she's never had one in her entire life!

BONUS #3:  How To Give A Handjob – Special Report (A $19 value, yours FREE!)

  • Learn the RIGHT way to give a handjob.

  • Hot movements and methods you can do with your hand to change things up and make your handjobs more intersting.

  • Over 15 ways you’ve never heard of to get him off with a handjob.

  • Tips and techniques for lubricating his penis before you begin.

BONUS #3:  Kissing 101: Your Guide To Kissing eBook (A $47 value, yours FREE!)

  • Learn the little secrets that can transform your kiss from average into amazing! 

  • Learn how to make someone want to kiss you. Have them wanting to kiss you just as much as you want to kiss them!
  • Powerful kissing techniques that ensure your confidence when it comes to that special situation.  

BONUS #4:  Male G-Spot Tips And Tricks eBook (A $67 value, yours FREE!)

  • Learn all about the male G-spot (prostate gland) and how it holds the key to his ultimate pleasure.

  • How to find the G-Spot on any man in seconds.

  • How to avoid causing damage to his prostate when massaging him.

  • How to “milk” the prostate and keep him aroused and turned on for hours at a time!

BONUS #5:  How To Tell If Your Man Is Cheating eBook (a $47 value, yours FREE!)

  • Learn the tell-tale signs if your man is cheating on you that are accurate 98.5% of the time and always stay one step ahead of him.

  • Why men cheat on their women, even when they're deeply in love.

  • How to make SURE you don't misinterpret the signs that he's cheating (when he really isn't) and sacrifice your relationship!

BONUS #6: Become IRRESISTABLE To Men eBook (a $47 value, yours FREE!)

  • Learn how to attract ANY man.

  • Discover exactly what men want from you. The simple answer will astound you!

  • Learn 4 fantastic ways to increase your self-confidence and become the woman that everyone admires.
  • Important: the one habit that you almost certainly have that sabotages your chances with men.  

BONUS #7:  How To Give Road Head eBook (A $17 value, yours FREE!)

  • Learn everything you’ve ever wanted to know about how to perform oral sex on your man while he's driving!

  • Safety tips and tricks. How to avoid a traffic accident when being naugty on the road.

  • How to clean up after the deed is done. For some reason most people don't consider this before giving road head - but it's easier than you think.

Total Value of Bonuses:  $330

These bonus products sell for the prices listed next to them every day, and many of them you’d probably end up buying anyway.  They add up to a total value of $330, but you can get them for free when you place your order for Blow Job Tutorial today. So, why not kill two birds with one stone and order Blowjob Tutorial and get all of these fantastic bonuses for free?

Oh, and I should also let you know that because this is a brand new program you can expect changes to be made to this website and the offer in the next few days and weeks. For one thing, we may decide to sell the video, and pictures in this course separately from the eBook because of how high their value is (it's something we're considering)...

But we definitely won't be including as many free bonus products as you see now. These can easily be sold as complete products on their own, and we only intended on adding them to the package during our product launch (which will be over any day now).

At $330 in extra value, this is the most you'll ever be receiving for free when you order the BlowJob Tutorial.  So if you don't want to miss out on these bonuses, order now. Here's how...

Learn How To Become Your Man's Hottest Sexual Experience the next 5 minutes!

Yes, Allan! I want to learn how to give men the most amazing blow jobs they have EVER experienced!

I can't wait to get my hands on your step-by-step instructional eBook, survival guide, pictures, diagrams, videos AND every one of the bonus products valued at $330... all for a one-time investment of just $27!

I understand that the Blowjob Tutorial is downloaded online so I will have access to everything in the next 5 minutes! I realize that my order is 100% safe and totally private and discreet!

(Note: Your order will simply show up as "CCBill" on your credit card statement, and nothing will be shipped to your door - it is delivered 100% digitally to ensure your complete confidentiality!)

To claim your copy of Blowjob Tutorial NOW just click the link below to make your secure payment.

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Don't lose your man because you couldn't keep him satisfied - take control of your sex life today!

Let’s face it, men NEED to be sexually stimulated.  If they don’t get it from you then they’re going to find somebody who CAN keep them satisfied. Why risk losing him because you didn't take the time to learn what really pleases him?

Especially when it's just as easy to read a couple pages, study some pictures, watch a few video tutorials, and become an overnight Blowjob Goddess...putting him in such ecstasy that he would do ANYTHING to stay with you! Look, If you want to...

  • Give your man the most unforgettable, explosive blow jobs of his life!

  • Stop guessing and know with 100% certainty that your man is enjoying it!

  • Learn to please your man EVERY time (making him scream and moan with pleasure)

  • Never have to feel embarrassed due to your lack of experience ever again!

...then you need to take the time to educate yourself on what your man really wants and how to give it to him; you need to learn how to give a blow job. If you don't learn the methods, tips and techniques I show you in BlowJob Tutorial, how are you going to learn them?

Go ahead - click on the secure order button above to download and begin using BlowJob Tutorial in the next 5 minutes! Join the thousands of other happy women from around the world who have purchased Blowjob Tutorial and fulfilled their lovers blowjob fantasies!

You have nothing to lose and your man will thank you for it!

Allan Sharpe

P.S.  If you don't order my course and learn these techniques – what will change about your sex life?  When the time comes, how will you know the RIGHT way to give your lover head? Get Blowjob Tutorial today and put a smile on your man's face tonight :-)

P.P.S.  By the way, we may be raising the price from $37 to $67 very soon, so now is the best time to try the program; this is the cheapest you'll ever be able to learn how to give a blow job using the Blowjob Tutorial. Order the BlowJob Tutorial now and get the $330 in FREE bonuses, the eBook, the quick-start guide, the videos, the pictures and the diagrams all for a one-time payment of just $37.


Read What Others Had To Say About The Blowjob Tutorial...

I tried out Allan's stuff on my husband as a special present for his birthday, and I think he totally forgot about the golf clubs I also gave him. Our love life had gotten into a rut, but now it's like we're newlyweds all over again! -- Samantha J.

Allan, I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know I loved everything in BJ Tutorial!! its excellent. I have recommended you to all of my friends, gay and straight! -- Joan C.

"I'm a guy, so I thought I knew everything about what guys wanted. I've given more than my share of blowjobs in my life, and I was always pretty good. But I picked up something new on almost every page and every video clip. Allan, you've put together a masterpiece." -- John B.

Allan, I got the books and videos. They are great!! Thank you again so much. You have made two people VERY happy! I think the book layout is perfect for a first timer or a more experienced person and the videos just make everything so much easier to understand. I can't wait to try it out again!! haha. Take care. -- Rebecca T.

My boyfriend loves it when I go down on him, but no matter how long I did it, I could never make him cum. He said I was good, but I thought I should be able to finish him off. With just one little technique from your course, I did, and now he cums every time! -- Beverley W.

The blowjob tips are amazing... I put them to use right away... My fella was in heaven... And was eager to return all favors The tips on deep throating were the best He's a large guy somewhere around 8" or so and thick... And I was able to take more of him in then ever! Thank you so much -- Niki C.

Thank you so much. I've never given one before, but I was told that I now have a gift. The man I love is truly happy. He was really impressed and very touched that I not only can deep throat without gagging, but swallow, too. -- Mary S.

I am a SAHHSM (stay at home homeschool mom, and new grandmother I might add) married 20 years and just got the devestating news that my hubby had stepped out. Instead of freaking out and throwing him out I asked him to tell me why. He graciously told me why, so I am now throwing away my frumpy clothes, getting a whole new attitude ... After purchasing your course and following your advice I was told that I WAS THE BEST he had ever had!!! Today he came home from work just for a BJ, and then went back to work. Thank you so much for your frankness, and for taking the time to put this together. My goal is to keep my man so satisfied that he will not need to step out again, and if for some reason he did, it would just leave him wondering why he bothered when what he is getting at home is sssssoooooo much better. -- Theresa S.

Dear Allan, Thank you! thank you! thank you!!! Your tips and advice columns have been amazing! I just gave my boyfriend the best blowjob of his he said in between his moans.... you were able to tell me things that no one has ever explained. It has made a dramatic change to my skills. And I certainly reaped the benefits!! Thanks and keep up the great work! -- Andrea K.

Hi, I would just like to say a big thank you for all your help and advice, my boyfriend just keeps crying out for more, and I have YOU to thank for it. Once again, thank you for teaching me how to give good head! -- Harley G.

Hi my name is Ashley and I put your tips on how to give head to the test. It was so much fun for the both of us. The time it took was definitely worth it. He really enjoyed when I would lick right underneath the head. That made him go wild. Finally when he came and I swallowed he was left speechless. I then knew that I did a good job. Thanks So Much! -- Ash

Note: Some of the names above have been changed at the request of our customers to
protect their privacy.



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